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Gustav Klimt The Kiss Silk Scarf Bandana Scarf



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Gustav Klimt The Kiss Silk Scarf Bandana Scarf

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  • Gustav Klimt The Kiss Silk Scarf Silk Square Scarf Gift For Her Birthday Gift Idea Women Scarf Spring Scarf Summer Scarf Head Silk Scarf Hair Scarf Gift For Him Men Scarves Bandana Scarf The silk square scarf is made of a light fabric and renowned for its silky and soft touch. Wearing it is pretty simple as it can be tied around the neck of the wearer with a simple square knot, or folding it in a triangle and tying it at the back of the neck. You can rock the silk square scarf by attaching it to your hair, placing it on your wrist, and other stylish combinations you could ever think of. The beauty of this scarf is that it can be worn along with any accessory and you will look great. A silk scarf is an exceptional gift for your loved ones to show them how much you appreciate their presence in your life. It is the perfect gift that can be shared on special occasions such as Christmas Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Wedding anniversary, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other special events. We have in stock tie and scarf with a similar design. These are the various sizes of silk scarfs available for sale: 25X25 inches / 64x64 cm 30X30 inches / 76X76 cm 35X35 inches / 89X89 cm 
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