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With the Holiday Season fast approaching, the first question that should be on our Fashionable minds (aside from all the gifts we have to buy) is, "What are we going to wear for all our fabulous Holiday events?"

Well the trends from the Runway, and the word on the street, are pointing in a very shiny, glamorous direction.  And what a sparkly and festive direction it is!!  

Get ready Ladies to drape yourselves in; Silver Metallics, Glitter, Gold Lame, and last but not least - Feathers galore!!!   

These influences coming straight out of a Hollywood movie were Ginger Rogers danced her way in a full length Feather gown; Mae West wrapped herself in a Feather trimmed Negligée; and Marilyn Monroe wearing Marabou mules. 

All that glitters Metallics, Sequin, and Gold Lame reminiscent of the Studio 54 days, front and center in shimmering eye catching pieces from the understated to the most Elegant all mixed in - leaving you to put together however you like!!  Rules don't apply, just make a Statement!!

Happy Holidays!

Stephanie A. Marano

Stefania Paulette, Founder







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